Appeal from Cohousing Association of the US
From: Richard L. Kohlhaas (
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 22:40:35 -0800 (PST)
Coho/US is sending a letter, composed by the Board president, Bill Hartzell,  
to our
mailing list asking for a year-end contribution to support the organization.

I am quoting it below for the benefit of any of you on Cohousing-L who may not 
received it.


I consider myself very fortunate. Cohousing has been a part of my
family´s life for more than 20 years. I´ve watched children grow and
elders tenderly cared for. I have participated in both the celebration of
the arrival of new life, and the passing of others. I have laughed, cried
and celebrated. Through all the ups and downs there has been one
constant: The blessings of community.

I´m guessing you know these experiences. And like me, you too have
benefited by your choice to live in a cohousing community. I hope you
share my belief that anyone who yearns for community should have the
opportunity to experience the same blessings.  With this firm belief in
mind, today I write you to ask you to join me as the Cohousing
Association continues its work supporting cohousing communities and
cohousers throughout the United States.

This year the Cohousing Association launched a $100,000 campaign.
Every person on the Cohousing Board has made a `Pacesetter´ gift! The
total to date is an amazing $35,000. Matching it with your collective
stretch donation, we will raise an even more amazing $70,000! With
your gracious financial support the Cohousing Association will be able to
provide the necessary resources for the following projects:

o The Cohousing Association website is the "front door" to the most
comprehensive cohousing resource on the web. With over 2000 pages
of information, it contains a wealth of resources available to both
existing communities, as well as to those who dream of community. The
website will be upgraded so that it will be far more inviting and easier to
use than ever before.

o The Cohousing Association is your association. In 2013 we will begin
shifting to regional representation on the association board. This model
will ensure that the association is always be within easy reach of
cohousers nationwide. It will also ensure that future strategic decisions
made by the board are well informed by the needs of the movement via
information gathered directly from communities and cohousers such as
you. Board members, with the help of local volunteer liaisons, will now
represent specific geographic regions.

o The Cohousing Association Affordability/Advocacy Team is developing
an "Affordability Toolkit" to help forming groups incorporate affordability
strategies into their development plans. The team is also working to
form alliances with other national organizations to further the Cohousing
Association´s goal of creating affordable cohousing.

o The 2012 National Cohousing Conference in Oakland was a great
success. Planning has already begun on the next national conference
that is scheduled for 2014 in North Carolina. With your generous support
we will make it the best conference yet.

It is your generosity that assures the success of these exciting initiatives!
Cohousing Association´s projects are made possible by and for
community. You may donate by mailing a check to:

               Cohousing Association of the US
               PO Box 13254
               Mill Creek, WA   98082

or go to and click on the DONATE button. It´s easy.
It´s secure. You´ll make a difference immediately.

If you have already given, I sincerely thank you. Please consider an
end-of-the-year gift to help the Cohousing Association open doors for
others seeking community, and please accept my added gratitude!

Yours in community,

Bill Hartzell
Board President, Cohousing Association of the US


Dick Kohlhaas <rlkohl [at]>
Board Member, Cohousing Association of the US
Resident of  Colorado Springs Cohousing Community at Casa Verde Commons
Completed March 2003. 34 units on 4 acres

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