Creating more affordable cohousing - a personal story...
From: oz (
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 14:01:17 -0800 (PST)
When I was the Exec. Dir. of Coho/US (2007-2010), I had a fundamental
disagreement with its Board of Directors. The Board decided to allocate
some of my time and the association's money to supporting more affordable
Cohousing. At the time, I had a different opinion on our priorities, but
followed their guidance and began putting some of my energy behind the
board's initiative.

As time proceeded, we met with the leaders of several Affordable Housing
non-profits in Washington, DC - and began collaborations that are just
beginning to make a difference. It didn't take too long to understand that
I was just plain wrong about the value of that work.

I'm very excited about the progress that Coho/US has made since I left the
role. Among other things, we hired the current Exec. Dir., Rebecca Lane, a
non-profit professional that is giving the association leadership which I
could not offer.

I just made a personal donation myself - and I invite everybody reading
this to join me, now. Its so easy - just click this link:

There are directions for donating by check if you don't want to use a
credit card.

PLEASE, make a year-end financial contribution (of ANY size) to help
Coho/US do its work.

Those of us who enjoy the benefits of living in Cohousing homes are the
ones who can most appreciate the value that more affordable cohousing homes
could offer. And any of us who are Cohousing supporters can make a real
difference by supporting the association's work by sharing some of our own,
personal resources.

This year, my personal finances are very tight, but I felt it important to
make a contribution. I invite you to join me in taking action on this
before the end of the calendar year.

Oz Ragland

P.S. When I was Exec. Dir, I knew exactly who did and didn't make
contributions - and how much they gave. If you believe that your community
or forming group is adequately covering your share of the Coho/US costs,
you should really look into it. Some communities budget for contributions,
but never actually cut the checks. Others that once gave, have stopped.

My feeling is that we, as individuals, need to get behind the association -
especially if we believe the association can do more.

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