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Mr Tyson -- 

Do not be confused. Cohousing is an exciting and rewarding alternative to the 
impersonality, selfishness, and me-first, profit-first philosophies that plague 
our modern social and economic lives. But cohousing communities do not happen 
by good intentions alone. They happen in a context of land use regulation, 
finance, construction and real estate law, and multi-disciplinary interaction 
of the modern American economy. Most efforts at promoting intentional community 
do not succeed. Those that do succeed are the ones that learn how to do 

R Philip Dowds AIA 
Cornerstone Cohousing 
Cambridge MA 

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Actually, Dowds had me in his camp until the last paragraph ("All of these 
parties want something -- usually a complex mix of results, reputation, 
product, honor and cash. It is the miracle of modern market capitalism that, 
when things go well, everybody gets (most of) what s/he wants." 


--through which, ironically, if unintentionally, my point is underscored, 
and upon which, I rest my case. 

The very elements upon which original capitalism once stood value given for 
value received, craftsmanship/art, putting the clients' interests first, 
etc.) are what hath been shorn therefrom, giving us a "miracle" of 
pseudo-intellectual bs that pulls the wool over its victim's eyes. 
"Professionalism" my rosy-red. 


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