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JP Cohousing has a "Rumpus Room".  This room has ping pong, a mini trampoline, 
games, foosball, darts, a stereo, etc.  It's not called a Teen Room the teens 
have used it a ton over the years.  They enjoy bringing their friends home to 
hang out down there (it's in the basement near the laundry) which gives them 
just enough space away from home to feel independent.  But of course they are 
in THEIR commonhouse home and we as parents love that they're down there safe 
and happy.  JPCohousing is in the city of Boston and our apartment units are 
very small so in particular, the Rumpus Room allows the extra space teens need.

Teens have special needs that are hard for families alone to meet.   I feel 
personally that, if the community is truly committed to supporting the family 
unit as a Common Value, and you have the space, carve some out for the teens.  
They NEED it the most.   That being said, lots of the adults play ping pong 
with the teens in the Rumpus Room.  It's not off limits to the adults.  

We also have a living room that doesn't have any toys.  It's not off limits to 
children but it's used primarily as an adult space.  The Rumpus Room is 
primarily a teen space.  


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Nyland used to have on, before I lived here.  Apparently, there were some 
issues around having a space reserved exclusively for this purpose.  That space 
is now called The Den and it is used for a variety of recreational purposes, by 
Nylanders of all ages.  We now have a pretty big crop of teenagers and a couple 
of parents have thrown out the idea of once again having a Teen Room just for 
them.  I personally am not in favor of this, but I want to reach out to other 
communities to see if there is any conventional wisdom on this topic.  Any and 
all inout welcome. Thanks, Holly

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