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I am a member of your list, and appreciate the outstanding job you do.
I am a seasoned lifestyle developer, and have studied the model that
has been created  in the US. Unfortunately when the real estate market
changes, do to economic  conditions beyond our control, it effects
everyone. I live in Hendersonville NC  and have searched for a group
that wanted to create a new community. After  several years I found a
sincere lack of interest, as the sentiment was simply,  there is no
money available for this type of project, so why waste time. My
enthusiam for this type of life style, and its timelyness for the
thousands of  people like myself, led me to create a hybrid
development model. Thus I visioned  and implemented, a plan to create
The Villages of Wildflowers. This is a  community of five
neighborhoods enjoying all the attributes that are found in a  true
cohousing. My master plan is created around the functioning of a
community  center, kitchen/dining hall, Coffee House, Community
fitness center, and a  Lifestyle Coordinator. Other featured aspects
are Produce Gardens, walking  trails, fish ponds, and Hobby Shops. The
most important aspect of living here  will be the personal involvement
in the socially active lifestyle including  operations and management
of the community. What I hope to achieve with my  model, is to kick
start the development of many new  communities. Eliminateing the need
to select land and try and finance it  moves the creation process
light years ahead. Sometimes this is the process that  impedes any
real estate development, even if done by professionals. I  have  the
personal resources to fund this process and have done so in The
Villages of  Wildflowers. While selecting a future residence is
important,I found it also  confusing, and therefor am using modular
construction for the base dwelling  units. These units can be
personalized with expansion options. The exterior  designs all fall
into a simple category with mandatory front porches, landscaped  yards
and gardens, and appealing colors. The exteriors will all be created
to  offer the owners, A Cottage in a Mountain Meadow, surrounded by
apple orchards  and vineyards. Upon purchase of the cottage, the new
resident will agree to be  part of our community and its activity's
will be explained by the Lifestyle  Coordinator. Residents will
ultimately become part of a coop owning the  land and associated
structures jointly. I am rapidly creating the  documentation including
community rules and regulations, and as you can imaging  the job is a
big one. I solicit the help from anyone that may have an interest  in
my project. I honestly believe it can be the development model for the
rapid  expansion of cohousing in America. I love consensus as a way to
operate a  community but feel it is a great impediment when used as a
way to develop  residential housing. A recent visit from the creators
of a world re known  cohousing community were astounded when they saw
what I had  accomplished in a short time. I had done in six months
what it took them  six years to accomplish. It is quite simple to me.
Find a need and fill it! The  AARP as well as others has recognized
this need for us. Sad to say,Too Many  Cooks Spoil The Broth, and is
this case when you put consensus into  action prior to purchising the
dirt. Please send out my request to  your mailing list, as I need help
in administrative maters. I will be glad to  offer my model and
personal guidance to anyone that would be interested. Only  with each
other, can we become stronger in our own community. Assuredly together
we can bcome stronger and we can share our lifestyle with the
thousands who cant find it in their geographic area.

WW Gilman, The  Village of Wildflowers, 828 692 8506

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