Re: 2013 New England Regional Cohousing Event
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Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 07:53:40 -0800 (PST)
There bare 4+ co-housing in Northampton/Amherst area
A lot of Co-op folks to call on.
I don't live in one but am trying to in Greenfield
Anyone on the list from those?
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Marion Brown <merryoneb [at]> wrote via  Fred Olson:

Thanks Nessa,
It looks like a great opportunity to get  together locally in New
England to talk about important topics related to  co housing. I went
ahead and filled out the survey monkey and hope others  will do so as
well. thanks for passing the info along to our community.  [end quote]

Nessa is Nessa Dertnig, who like Marion is at  Belfast (Maine) Cohousing. 
posted on the list 4/24/12. (I know this  because I have been tracking 
Cohousing for several years and have  notes on it.) I think this email was 
to be sent off-list, but it's  a good message for the list.

We had a New England regional  cohousing conference 9/2007 at Cambridge 
Cohousing in Cambridge, MA with  Cornerstone Cohousing nearby co-hosting. I 
suggest we do something  similar, but on a smaller scale, this summer, at a 
located coho.  (I suggest smaller because I don't think we can persuade as 
people to  attend this year as we had in 2007.)  I was on the committee for 
the 2007  
conference and can offer my help this year.

Bob Morrison
Mosaic  Commons Cohousing
Berlin,  MA

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