Re: Community name and re-sales: Impact?
From: Lautner, Patricia (
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2013 18:06:34 -0800 (PST)
We were also denied FHA approval but not because of the word Cohousing.  It had 
to do with the Right of First Refusal provision in our documents.  I doubt very 
much that FHA would deny approval because of the name. 

We have had excellent value retention and easy resales of our units because we 
are "Cohousing".  Our last few sales were people who have been studying 
Cohousing for years and 'stalking' our website waiting to hear of an opening.  

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We originally called ourselves "Colorado Springs Cohousing Community".  When we
bought the property (a former greenhouse operation), we agreed to call it "Casa
Verde Commons".   Legally, we are "The Casa Verde Condominiums", and our HOA is 
Verde Condominium Association.  I did not want "cohousing" in our legal name,
because some people think it is subsidized government owned or controlled 
or something.   Also, I did not want to forever be spelling the name to vendors,
etc.  ("No, that's COHOUSING -- c - o - h - o - u . . .")

Date sent:              Sat, 2 Feb 2013 12:20:25 -0800 (PST)
From:                   Mariana Almeida <missmgrrl [at]>
> We have an instance in play right now where our condo, because of the 
> cohousing name,
> is not being certified by FHA. Therefore, this disallows it to be eligible for
> reverse mortgages. At least that is the current way things stand.
> I would suggest "commons" or some such as replacement. What you call 
> yourselves in
> your marketing can have "cohousing" on it, as long as your condo documents do 
> not. I
> think the cohousing will shine through in many other ways no matter what you 
> call it.
> Mariana Almeida
> Berkeley, CA

> > From: Marcia Fein <marciafein [at]>
> >We are discussing our community name. Some of our members feel that having 
> >the word
> >"cohousing " in our name may slow, deter, dampen, lower property values for,
> >resales. Others believe that it is a good way to attract new members that 
> >are truly
> >here for community rather than for real estate/a place to live. 1. Have you 
> >had this
> >discussion? What has been your experience? 2. Is "cohousing" in your name? 
> >Has it
> >affected your community positively? negatively? 3. Has your community name 
> >affected
> >the sustainability of your community and/or its culture over time? Please 
> >share you
> >thoughts with us, and let us know your where you live. Thank you! Marcia 
> >Fein,
> >Mountain View Cohousing Community (maybe soon Mountain View Commons), SF Bay 
> >Area,
> >CA.

Dick Kohlhaas <rlkohl [at]>
Board Member, Cohousing Association of the US
Resident of  Colorado Springs Cohousing Community at Casa Verde Commons
Completed March 2003. 34 units on 4 acres

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