Re: Cohousing-L is 20 yr old;
From: Thomas Lofft (
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 15:07:30 -0800 (PST)
Chuck & Katie published the First Edition of The Book in 1988, so if Coho-L is 
20 y.o., then cohousing is rapidly approaching its 25th anniversary this year.  
Both Chuck and Katie as well as Fred Olsen are to be complimented on their 
contributions. The world is a better place for all that has resulted from their 
initiatives. I have previously suggested that many cohousing communities who 
have embraced aging in place are now approaching becoming a "NORC", a Naturally 
Occurring Retirement Community, whether by design or purely happenstance. Many 
other communities aggressively market to younger families to keep their homes 
in an age diverse, multi-generational community, even if they can't prevent 
aging within their own household.  I offer a few questions for consideration 
within these perpestives: 1. Does Cohousing offer the same benefits to the next 
generation as we all anticipated 20-25 years ago? 2. Should current Cohousing 
planners be thinking differently about what NexGen cohousing should offer, how 
it should be designed, what additions or exclusions should be included? 3. What 
is the transition plan for Cohousing-L? Fred has given us all a monumental 
service of time and server space by his creation of Cohousing-L, file 
maintenance and open access. Who will carry on this service at any future time 
that he feels open to or compelled to pass on the reins? 4. How would you like 
to improve Cohousing-L if you were to take over its executive leadership and 
maintenance? Tom LofftLiberty Village, MD > Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 08:35:12 
> From: fholson [at]
> To: fholson [at]
> Subject: Re: Cohousing-L is 20 yr old; please post
> Cohousing-L is 20 yr old; please post
> Hello again "frequent poster" to Cohousing-L (sometime in the
>                                                    last 20 years),
> This is a reminder.  If you thought about posting a message
> in response to my Jan 23rd message (copied below for your reference)
> but had not gotten around to it, now might ** be a good time to send a
> note since the list has been rather quiet the last week.
> Thanks to those who have posted.  You can read them in the archives at
> (search for "20yr" )
> This message is going to about 110 "frequent posters"
> (of the original 150 that did not bounce)
> "frequent posters" are people have posted to Cohousing-L 25 or more
> times in those 20 years
> ** Quiet times to post are hard to predict - they often seem to be
> followed by a deluge of posts at unpredicatable time.
> Fred, listserv manager,
> --- Jan 23rd message ---- Cohousing-L is 20 yr old; please post ---
> The list's "Info page" is at:
> The Cohousing-L mailing list / discussion is 20 years old.
> Thanks your for all of your posts (maybe 1/3 of all posts).
> The purpose of this message is to invite you to post a
> message to the list on the occasion of this milestone.
> You might want to
> o note a memorable discussion on the list
> o reflect on:
>   * how you see cohousing has changed
>   * how the world has changed that has affected cohousing
>   * how your view of cohousing has changed
>   * how cohousing has changed your life
>   * how cohousing-L has long been a sort of
>     'social media' / community tho as a side effect
>   * priorities for cohousing's future
>   * a topic that has not had the discussion it deserves
> o send a simple greeting
> I suggest including "20yr" (without quotes) on your subject line
> of your post (along withs words to describe your post)
> "20yr" will make them easy to search for.  Send posts to:
> cohousing-l [at]
> Note that you do not need to be subscribed to cohousing-L to
> post a message (tho that speeds things along by a few hours -
> I review messages from non-subscribed addresses and approve
> those that are appropriate and discard spam).
> You can review and search any of the 35,000+ messages
> that have been posted in 20 years at:
> Stop by in a few days to see other "20yr" posts.
> There is a history of cohousing-L at
> (maybe I'll update it a bit one of these times).
> The list has been fairly stable at around 800 subscribers
> getting messages since Feb. 2007.
> I've enjoyed 20 years of managing cohousing-L. It has not generally
> been a big time consuming task/project.  But more like cooking,
> something to do every day, sometimes enjoyable, sometimes not so much.
> Thanks you for your part in making it the useful discussion that it has
> been and continues to be.
> Fred, Cohousing-L listserv manager (and founder),
> --
> Fred H. Olson  Minneapolis,MN 55411  USA        (near north Mpls)
>      Email:        fholson at      612-588-9532
> My Link Pg:         My org:
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