Long Time Poster
From: Zev Paiss (zevpaissgmail.com)
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 10:49:48 -0800 (PST)

As a very long time poster and occasional pain in the proverbial butt to some 
of the posts I wanted to extend my very deep appreciate to Fred for the amazing 
amount of work he has put into this list over the past 20 years. When cohousing 
was still young in the U.S. having a listserv like this was invaluable to many 
of use just getting this concept out to a wider audience. The ability to talk 
to the pioneers was an incredible resource.

Over the years as new people have joined this movement the Coho-L listserv has 
always been there to allow for informative and occasional heated debate about 
many of the issues involved in creating and then living in cohousing. As an 
18-year cohousing resident, experienced marketing professional, and founding 
Executive Director of the Cohousing Association, I have found this service to 
be a constant reminder hat cohousing only works when we all work together.

Hip-hip-horray to Fred and all those hundreds who bare their souls on this list 
year after year.

Forward ho!!!
Zev Paiss
Executive Director, The ET3 Foundation
(303) 413-8066 • Boulder, CO
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