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Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 21:05:32 -0800 (PST)
We selected a contractor who had developed a prize-winning
neighborhood in our area, and whom the banks loved. He served as
a "consultant" and lined up our general contractor for us. 

The other advice we took was from our realtor, who advised that
we choose a name that would make us sound like any other
condominium - he rightly presumed that the banks around here
would baulk at anything called "cohousing." Even so, we found
only one bank willing to finance us, and then only because the
branch manager went to bat for us with his board of directors.
Thus: "Meadow Wood Condominium." The name was a let-down, but it

Kay Wilson

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Hi everyone in coho-land!

What process do you use to find general contractors for various
building improvement and repair processes? I'm assuming you do
not go to and type in "general contractor."
Do you use an RFP process? Get it done through your management
company? Ask a local architect? Funnel requests through the
design committee? Talk to friends and neighbors? We're trying to
find a general contractor to manage various projects for us and
would like to know how other cohousing communities do it.

Diane Simpson
Jamaica Plain Cohousing, Boston MA 02130
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