Re: recruitment screening and rentals
From: Elizabeth Magill (
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 06:21:48 -0700 (PDT)
> 1)  When recruiting new members, how best to screen for potential problem
> members?  In other words how do we try to identify a person who would be a
> problem member and respectfully deny their application?

Have a very clear vision of who the community is, both in rights and in 
responsibilities. Are you built? If not a clear vision of where you might 

Then ask all new members to sign on to the vision. 

Those who can't agree to the vision, won't sign on.

There isn't actually any way to know who will "not fit", you've got to have 
them decide that. And you'll end up with some people that some of your members 
won't love. And that's what the work of creating community is all about!!!

> 2)  Some of our members want to build rental suites.  Rentals can reduce
> the financial burden on the members and allow them to invite family members
> to move in.  On the flip side, rentals use community resources and provide
> a financial advantage for only some of the community members.  What do you
> recommend here?

A decision to deny renters is a decision to require a certain financial 
self-sufficiency on the part of all your owners. That is, they have to not only 
be able to afford the home, but that have to be able to see ahead that they 
won't face challenges--lay-offs, disabilities, divorce, a child that requires a 
stay at home parent. Seems like a pretty hefty requirement on the owners to be 
able to see the future that clearly.

It is my opinion that the question of "who is well involved" does not map 
closely to "who rents" in any way. There are people in my community who may 
disagree that statement. 
We have no rental suites built and yet have MANY more renters than we ever 
imagined because the economy fell apart. In our community many free rooms, 
basements, attics, have renters.

> Matt, Nelson Land Group

Where are you Matt? Good luck with your community!! Its all worth it!!!

Elizabeth M. Magill
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