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Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 08:54:37 -0700 (PDT)
Graham, Thanks for the notice of the free live-streaming of the
plenary sessions International Communal Studies Association (ICSA)
conference at Findhorn Wed - Fri June 26-28 .

Graham's message with intro. is at:

Register to view stream at:
Take care in noting the time difference - see below
"BST" means British Summer Time

The conference includes 14 sessions: Plenarys (streamed),
Papers (video available later), Workshops, Poster Presentations, and
Cultural Events (evenings)

There is a 128 page Book of abstracts - a page or so about presentations:

-- PLENARIES -- (streamed. Note session numbers are followed by a dash)

1- Opening Plenary.  Chairs: Robin Alfred and Kosha Joubert
Wed Jun 26th BST: 10:00-12:00  USA TIME: PDT: 2AM / EDT: 5AM / CDT: 4AM
Recital: Susanne Olbrich (Findhorn)
Welcome from the ICSA : Jan Martin Bang (Norway), Graham Meltzer (Findhorn)
Keynote: Robert Gilman (USA):
The Dynamic Planetary Context for Intentional Communities

5- Second Plenary  Chair: Kosha Joubert
5 Thu Jun 27th BST: 09:00-10:30  USA TIME: PDT: 1AM / EDT: 4AM / CDT: 3AM
Recital: Taize Choir (Findhorn)
Panel discussion "Findhorn: Fifty and Flourishing" with Robin Alfred,
Alex Walker, Mari Hollander and Camilla Bredal Pedersen  (all Findhorn)

13- Closing Plenary   Chair: Robin Alfred
Fri Jun 28th BST: 16:00-17:30  USA TIME: PDT: 8AM / EDT:11AM / CDT:10AM
Panel discussion "Communalism of the Great Turning" with
Graham Meltzer (Findhorn), Joanna Macy (USA), Timothy Miller (USA), Kosha
Joubert (Findhorn), Bill Metcalf (Australia), Bindu Mohanty (India)
Closing: Jan Martin Bang (Norway) & Yaacov Oved (Israel).

Below is cohousing related seesions from the 10 page conf. schedule is at:

-- COHOUSING related sessions --

3- Workshop: Living Communities Research: Experience of the Cohousing
 Researchers Network and thoughts beyond.
 Betsy Morris, Angela Sanguinetti & Raines Cohen (USA)

4- Poster Presentations:
o Amanda Pearson (England): Affordable and Accessible Cohousing
o Angela Sanguinetti (USA): Transformational Practices in US Cohousing
o Jo Gooding (England): Challenging Mainstream Models of Community
 Building: Making it happen for developing cohousing groups in the UK
o Oz Ragland (USA): The Songaia Garden: Food and Community Building
o Pam Hearne (England): Aiming for Zero Carbon in Cohousing: Achievements
 and challenges

6D- Papers: Korea Adopts and Adapts Cohousing Chair: Ash Balderstone

 Bo-bae, Lee & Soon-joo, Kang (Korea):
 Community Facilities in Korean Apartment Buildings: Post occupancy
 evaluation (POE) and analysis

 Jeong Hyun Cho & Jung Shin Choi (Korea):
 Resident Participation in the Formation of Intentional Community: A
 case study of the Baek-hwa community, South Korea Kuee Sook Suh & Jae

 Soon Cho (Korea):
 Resident Participation in Community Gardening to Revitalise a Sense of
 Community: A pilot project in Seoul, South Korea

7B- Papers: Joining a Community -- Means and motivations  Chair: Yaacov Oved
Heather Sullivan-Catlin(USA): The Search for Balance: Prior communal
 experiences among members of the cohousing movement

11A- Paper: Empowerment of Minorities in Community Chair: Chris Coates
Margaret Critchlow Rodman (Canada): Co-caring in Senior Cohousing:
 A Canadian model for social sustainability

12- Workshop: Oz Ragland (USA): Cohouseholding; A model for more
 sustainable shared  households

PS  From Wikipedia:
 Findhorn Ecovillage is an experimental architectural community project
 based at The Park, in Moray, Scotland, near the village of
 Findhorn.[1] The project's main aim is to demonstrate a sustainable
 development in environmental, social, and economic terms.
 As of 2005 the Ecovillage has around 450 members


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