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Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 08:01:36 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks for in CA coop house info.
I'd be there if I wasn't here.
I love coop home living  but it's definitely not for everyone..
Here we are working on the best of both worlds.
This old Peabody family estate (23 Acres) is only a short walk to downtown  
and NYC to Montreal Amtrak but is also surrounded by 275 acres of trails 
and  forrest.
At the moment we have four buildings and a pool and a southern view down  
the CT River Valley in Western Mass.
We will build a new eco-village (probably Coop member-owned leaseholds) of  
30-60 families.
The 20 room mansion, 9 room carriage house, pool cottage and garage apt are 
 where we currently live.  We are hoping that the mansion will serve the  
future community as an artist-live-work-coop or elder care facility, school 
or  homeschooler resource center.
For a look-se visit
(   or 
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I  just posted a longer version of this to East Bay Cohousing, as  our
over-2100-member regional MeetUp group includes people priced out  of
homeownership and individual rentals in the expensive San Francisco  Bay
Area, so we use a "big tent" approach to fostering sustainable  cooperative
community living.

I thought some other cohousing fans  would be interested in the model, as
well as taking a moment to appreciate  the dynamics for how something like
this would be different (members don't  gain any equity and have to share
much more than cohousers do.. and have  the landlord-tenant and inter-group
dynamics to deal with) .... and to  consider whether this approach could
work to convert the mega-mansions  present in other parts of the country
that have gotten overbuilt and  conventional cohousing approaches/financing
aren't currently  feasible.

You can read the full post and see the links and tour dates  at:

fresh off the plane from  Iceland, looking forward to this week's
Complementary Currencies conference  at The Hague and visiting European
cohousing neighborhoods

I  got to visit the Dwight Mansion recently and we have been following  this
house's potential for shared community living for a while (two years  ago we
hosted some visits and evaluated its cohousing potential) and are  impressed
with the potential to build community there.

Just to be  totally clear, we are not representing the owner or any
particular group  looking to move into the house, we are just doing what we
always do,  helping our members create and find opportunities for shared
living in the  East Bay.

We will be publicizing this opportunity far and wide, because  it represents
the best example we've seen in a decade of what so many of  EBCOHO's over
2100 members are seeking.

Betsy & Raines
Your  Cohousing Coaches, East Bay  Cohousing

Come see this central  Berkeley 14-bedroom 1883 Victorian mansion being
remodeled by EBCOHO  Supporting member Jen Siegel, with a separate lofted
apartment and  3,000-square-foot yard.

The house is three stories, with the following  features:
- First floor: large kitchen, two living rooms, an enclosed  porch, two full
bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a back deck leading out to the  yard;
- Second floor: seven bedrooms, a studio or office space, a  kitchenette,
one and a half bathrooms, and a back deck leading down to the  yard;
- Third floor: converted attic space with five bedrooms, a  kitchenette, one
bathroom, and a rear deck leading down to the yard.  Multiple skylights on
the third floor provide wonderful light and  views.

Additional gathering spaces are scattered throughout the house,  and
additional bathrooms are planned for future development. A large garage  is
available for storage, and the house will be heated by a new  radiant
heating system.

Currently under renovation but scheduled to  be move-in ready by September,
this house will be leased to a group of  renters demonstrating strong group
leadership, solid finances, and  sustainable  principles.
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