Re: Environmental Sensitivity vs. Political Correctness
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Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2013 07:58:24 -0700 (PDT)
In those days, "dude" was a disparaging term, meaning one who pretends to be something one is not, especially a "cowboy."

Following the two World Wars, people yearned for peace and plenty, and they didn't want their children to suffer the way they had. They overdid it, and created a generation of spoiled brats and a bubble that burst in '29, and the Great Depression followed, followed by the Second World War, followed by the creation of the "teenager," the result of yet another yearning for peace and plenty. The excesses of the twenties were dwarfed by those of the fifties, spreading the idea of the world owing one not only a living but luxury and convenience for all--except for those trampled under the feet of screaming bargain-hunters in the second Age of Excess.

A moral reaction to the Age of Excess built up in the late fifties and sixties, followed by another moral crash in the seventies, after a totalitarian government shot a few kids at Kent State. We still live under this legacy, the age of the Consumer Sucker, unable to conceive the concept of frugality as a way to avoid poverty. The entire world economy, is now largely based upon this idea that bloated overconsumption is "the good life," the only life that will do.

There are pockets here and there of those who intuitively feel the need for community without excess, but they are a distinct minority, many of whom have become intensely righteous finger-waggers who figuratively fly around in corporate jets selling "green" just like all other commodities.

I suspect that The Pendulum swings from one extreme to another because of excesses, such as satisfying DEMANDS rather than fulfillment of needs, of competition rather than cooperation--a disease phenomenon that erodes the very core of humanity, a pathological condition for a social species.

So I suspect that "green" is a way of coming to grips with the collateral damage to a one-time state of equilibrium by culture that came out of an even more ancient yearning for well-being that first produced settlements and hierarchy, fundamentally in opposition to a real society based on adequacy, but seductive because hoarding (first caching) compensated for periodic famine as human cooperation, a successful and essential survival strategy, was transmogrified into a rapacious "individualism."


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Thomas Lofft said:
The woman responded, "Actually, our generation didn't have the
green thing in its day or didn't call it 'green'. We reused

Dude, that's 20 years out of date. Children of the great depression
are in their 80's, todays young folk have parents who are boomers. You
really need to update this to something more accurate. Perhaps "my
generation lived through the great depression and two world wars. We
gave birth to the bizarre generation, the great aberration who have
lived only in a time of plenty the like of which the world has never
seen before. If they are grouchy because this is the first hardship
they've ever known, sympathise with them."


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