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Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2013 19:28:13 -0700 (PDT)
I find the generalizations funny and off-kilter as well. No one in my family is a boomer . . . parents are too old, kids are too young. We humans just aren't having kids as young as we used to.
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On 6/22/2013 4:45 PM, Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah wrote:

Thomas Lofft said:
The woman responded, "Actually, our generation didn't have the
green thing in its day or didn't call it 'green'. We reused
everything,..Children of the great depression are in their 80's, todays young 
folk have parents who are boomers. You really need to update this to something 
more accurate.

A respondent wrote

Dude, that's 20 years out of date.

You are right that some of today's 40 yr olds haven't lived the frugal lifestyle, but I feel you 
overstate it: I'm in my 60s and re-use and re-purpose many things to this day. A plastic bucket or 
two are my shopping bags-- they never wear out, don't leak, and are easy to carry. I mend tears, 
and darn wool socks. I can, freeze, and dry food, and grow food. I use an "old" computer, 
"old" camera, landline phone, and have no need for a microwave, dishwasher, VCR or TV.

And for what it's worth, my 28 year old daughter and her family (5 of them) 
live without electricity, have 2 enclosed rooms and a roofed porch, use an 
outhouse, a cold-water kitchen, and buy most of their stuff second hand.

It's risky to make broad generalizations. I think the point of the original 
post wasn't to do with anyone's age, but the spectrum of approaches to material 
things. I enjoyed reading it.

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