Re: Communes and Survivalists
From: Moz (
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2013 04:04:12 -0700 (PDT)
Sharon Villines said:
> Actually, this depends on local ordinances too. They usually set a
> maximum on the number of unrelated people who can live in a dwelling.

Only in the USA. Or at least, not in NZ and Australia. Those
restrictions seem really weird to me. In the "why on earth would you
do that, and how do you police it?" I assume there's some kind of
history behind it, but I can see it making life really hard for
adoptive families and for that matter single parents trying to reduce
housing costs. Does that mean that those giant "adopt the foreign
orphans" families can't live in one house?

We have rules designed to prevent boarding houses (multiple adults on
separate leases each with a lockable bedroom) because those are common
sources of abuse in the community. But a share house with 28 people is
fine in NZ and I know of nothing to prevent it in Oz (I just haven't
actually done it here).

Our coho problems are more with people not knowing that it's an option
and not believing it will work. We have a lot of rural "shared block"
arrangements though, almost all private and at best semi-official.
It's quite easy to set up shared title in both countries, so a bunch
of people can get together and buy rural land and live on it very


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