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Interesting, but the rental cost and the eventual sale price would be
helpful, Ingram


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RoseWind Cohousing is in Port Townsend WA, a liberal enclave of 8000 people,
lots of art, music, boats; not rainy (17" per year). See 


A beloved elder of our community is going away to live with her family, and
her house is for rent, with distinct possibility of eventual sale to the
renter. It's 1 1/2 stories, on the southern edge of our central commons,
1528 sq ft before an additional room was added. I'd call it 2 BR, 2 bath,
plus a guest room/study/ kid room. Contact me directly for more information.


Maraiah Lynn Nadeau

ps it's sunny, breezy and 70 today and the garden is abundant in fruit and


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