Good article on cohousing in the [online} Salem (MA) Gazette.
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 13:33:03 -0700 (PDT)
A really great article on cohousing (and my other great love worker coops) appeared today in the online version of the Salem (MA) Gazette. I particularly like these words about what the author noticed the first time he visited a cohousing community. " Kids were welcome in any house. The elderly were included in the activities of the community. Everyone took pride in maintaining organic gardens and grounds. There was a sense of sacred participation in, and commitment to, the local needs and activities of others...."

Here's the url:

In case you do not want to read the whole thing and comments, here's the first comment (mine)

Wow, two of my great loves, cohousing and worker cooperatives, in the same posting. I've lived in two cohousing communities in CA for a total of 21 years, was on the board of the Cohousing Association for 8 years, chaired the 2006 national cohousing conference in 2006, etc. After 15 years in business, I converted the business into a worker cooperative just because it seemed like "the right thing to do." The business is still thriving after 36 years (though it ceased being a coop about 6 years ago, long after I'd left). One little caveat about your post. You said that there are 210 cohousing communities in the US. Think you reversed digits there, as the correct number is ~120. Also there are several dozen more in various stages of forming/developing/building. BTW, although I've lived in CA for 43 years, MA is my home state, and I've visited all all 13 communities there, including Island Cohousing on Martha's Vineyard which is the most remote.....readers of this might posting be interested to know that the Cohousing Association's website is Lots of great info there........Joani Blank, Swan's Market Cohousing, in downtown, Oakland CA, just across the bay from San Francisco, where we have a unit for sale (check out
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