Looking to Rent, Rent to buy, or Owner Financing to Make a Dream come true!
From: MJWB (mjwyoginiyahoo.com)
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 11:55:19 -0700 (PDT)
Hello Everyone!

      WE are Marsha and Jens Beesen. I decided to update my post with some 
other details:

We really have to become flexible as to WHERE we will consider. I guess you 
could say
everywhere except Arizona, the southeast, or the cold northern states...

The most important thing is the Community. Most Cohousing communities are full 

people who want to be there, some of whom have made it happen. There is no 

place but I do believe that Cohousing people are trying to do it right. It's 
the cost that
stops us....as always.....

I don't think we could consider a price much above $200,000. Some of the prices
of houses in Cohousing astound me. Only the upper classes can afford this. I 
as always, that Cohousing needs to be for everyone, and accessible to everyone. 
This is
not the case right now. I know that Denmark has found a way to integrate 
rentals along 

with homeowners, and I don't see why it can't be done here in the U.S.

   One thing is, why are so many the houses so big? This is not sustainable, in 
my humble
opinion. We would be happy with an 800 sq. ft. house, or even less. I really 
believe that
Cohousing needs to be taking up less space, smaller houses would help, and 
joined together
would help too. Or maybe building UP!

   Anyway, we are good people, we have a lot to offer in a Cohousing community, 
and we 

won't be able to rest until we are part of this dream we both have......

   Thank you and many blessings to all!

Marsha J. Beesen
mjwyogini [at] yahoo.com

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