thoughts on affordable housing
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Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 19:23:11 -0700 (PDT)
on Bainbridge island, we have both alternatives ( a co-op owned mobile home 
park ) and a affordable housing developed on a community 
 land trust model  as well as cohousing.  all 
seem to be functioning neighborhoods, altho the other two do not have the 
common house.  The other 2  are probably more affordable.  The co-op owned 
mobile home park JUST got it's re-financing,  through a HUD 207M loan

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> A lot of things have to come together to create cohousing.
> If community is really the most important thing, using park model homes could 
> be a good solution. 
> John Leet
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>    Cohousing is first and foremost a neighborhood, not an affinity group.  
> There will generally be a range of skills, interests, motivations, and 
> degrees of openness to almost any idea or situation, just as there normally 
> is in any other neighborhood.  When someone buys a home in our neighborhood 
> they do not abrogate their right to choose what to be interested in or spend 
> energy on.  The expensive nature of housing in the US is a national problem 
> which is based on national economic and social policies which we need to 
> solve as a nation.  The resentment of the increasingly disenfranchised folks 
> with fewer economic resources is entirely understandable but current 
> Cohousing communities are not to blame for this state of affairs and should 
> not be targeted.  
>     As for Cohousing communities tending to isolate themselves from the wider 
> community that has not been my experience.  Many cohousers are heavily 
> involved in wider community issues, and the Common House is often used by and 
> for wider community events.  It is also true that what is a burning top 
> priority issue for one family will be lower on the priority list for another. 
>  If affordable housing is your most important issue, work toward it yourself 
> with the plentiful others who are thinking about and working on this one. But 
> don't expect everyone to have the same point of view or degree of interest.  
> Be the change you want to see.  
>             Bonnie Fergusson (whose top priority is better healthcare for all)
>             Swans Market Cohousing
>             Oakland, CA
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