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Hi Folks,

I want to thank all of you for such wonderful and kind responses, as
well as thoughtful.

Fred: thank you for posting.

Melanie: Your thoughts are very thought provoking. It is well put and
the multidisciplinary approach, especially sociocracy is worth
thinking about further. Thank you!

Bill: Thank you for the referral. I do appreciate it.

John: I think you're right about a state being red or blue, and not to
get too concerned. I have other reasons that I don't want to live in
the southeast. As for attracting people to your cohousing...that is
better left to the experts, but maybe discussing it on here, or
posting on the cohousing association's website. Thanks for your

Rebecca: Is the CLT anything like leasing land for say 99 years? And
do you have any idea if there is any homestead land left in the U.S.?
I really liked reading your thoughts, you seem to be quite
knowledgeable; and thank you for the link.

Take care


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