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Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 05:44:24 -0700 (PDT)
In her reply Ann Zabaldo:
expresses concern about partnering with government:
> If you get $$ from a municipality you can believe the
> government is going have some say so in renting the homes.


> about having the developer retain ownership of units in
> your community

and how this would affect governance of the community.

Note that the latter is different from partnering with a non-profit
affordable housing developer to retain ownership of units as rental.

Yes, clearly care must be taken in partnering with other organizations.
I cited how it is important to get agreement that the community would
have a reasonable role recruiting people who would be involved in the

Thank you to Wendy and Jerome for posting about
Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing, Inc. (PFAC)
see also messages about PFAC:

(Note that I put a link to PFAC on the Cohousing-L Resources page )

One useful thing PFAC could do is develop a model agreement between
a community and a partner organization that made a reasonable tradeoff
between the needs of each.  Including for example the issue
of how affordable units are marketed / and renters chosen.

In 2) Wendy states:
> The biggest obstacle to making these relationships productive is the
> widely-held notion that cohousing is not affordable.

A related issue is reluctance to develop anything beyond basic
housing but some non profits build "supportive housing".

As the large Twin Cities nonprofit, PPL ( "owns or manages a portfolio
of more than 1,000 units of affordable or supportive housing" ) states
on their website:

 Supportive housing combines rental subsidy with supportive services to
 help people who face complex challenges live with stability, autonomy,
 and dignity.

This would seem to make an opening to argue that cohousing was a form of
housing that provides a kind of support also worthy of their involvement.

(NOTE: "supportive housing" and cohousing offer very different levels
and kinds of support; it would be a major mistake to imply that cohousing
could substitute for the kinds of major support the "supportive housing"

I long ago discussed cohousing with Joe Selvaggio, the founder of PPL,
and got little interest but PPL has come a long ways since then.
Maybe they would be more recptive now.


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