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> We also have Personal Socials (such as birthday parties, cast parties, family 
> reunions) which are by invitation and may include some RW folks and sometimes 
> only the sponsoring member. 

We also have these. Usually other people who know the group are welcome to 
attend. We have birthday parties designed only for 3-5 year olds. Or are for 
the child's class at school but one or two children from the community the same 
age are invited.

Associations and groups meet here and we are welcome to attend, even their 
holiday parties, which are often quite nice.

> The times we've had events that were all members, but not whole community 
> events, were like the no-alcohol dinners another post-er mentioned. A bunch 
> of members were into a very specific diet, according to a certain book, and 
> they gathered for such meals. I guess anyone who wanted to follow that 
> constraint was welcome to join their potluck, but nobody else wanted to eat 
> that way. 

We have these too. A Dinner at Eight group that is for adults. There has been 
discussion of an Atkins Diet dinner since most CH dinners have no meat. But 
these groups are open to anyone who wants to participate in the theme of the 

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