Re: new or revised policies to addressing eldering in community?
From: Richart Keller (
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2013 19:58:48 -0700 (PDT)
Eldering may be a bit confusing to those of the Quaker persuasion--the term
is used to mean a gentle kind of reminder that a person's actions or
speaking is a bit out of line...
On Sep 14, 2013 9:29 PM, "Dyan Wiley" <dyanwiley21 [at]> wrote:

> I'm curious if any communities have taken on discussions and even
> created new value statements/policies/practices to address aging in
> place - especially in terms of social connections and support. Physical
> accessibility is much easier to address compared to the more nebulous
> question of how we support and involve our aging members compared with
> the attention we give to support children and parents in cohousing.  The
> latter seems to be much more prevalent as I look at the websites of many
> communities.  Very little is mentioned about explicit support and
> encouragement for older members.
> Your experience(s) will be shared at the Northeast Cohousing Conference
> in Cambridge at the end of the month.  Feel free to contact me directly
> or share on this listserv.
> Thanks,
> Dyan Wiley
> Pioneer Valley Cohousing (Amherst MA)
> dyan [at]
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