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Well, I'm a bit older than you, and know what you mean. I make it a point to associate with young people and treat them kindly. I had a young woman I know tell me today that she realized that we're still the same person we were when young, with the same feelings and needs; our bodies are just older. In our discussion, we agreed that grumpy old farts were probably grumpy when they were younger. I have some limiting physical issues that must be lived with (some things just must be endured), but optimism really is the only option.

In the community I grew up in, younger people simply helped others, especially older folks, by doing things for them that they could not do for themselves. One day they will be old too--if they are lucky. Older people can still contribute to the community, but do so in different ways. One very great, late friend of mine had osteoarthritis so bad that her hands were almost unusable and she was in great pain all the time, but she suffered the little children and younger adults to come unto her for emotional healing. She wrote wonderful, real, poetry. Fair "trade?" Priceless.


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I confess to not having read every post, but who among those posting is in
the category being discussed?

I'm 71 and beginning to feel the effects of aging on hearing. I just can't hear when children are running around yelling. Particularly riding those plastic cars and horses. Loud music hurts.

People are very self-righteous about what they perceive as the needs of children but multi-generational concern doesn't extend so far up the ladder as it does down.

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