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I'm sorry to say that I'm not up-to-date on commodes, but the should be commodious, especially in terms of strength and flushing capacity (like my face), but not institutional. Just not delicate (like this subject). I had hope that that women/men wiser than I would have posted by now, thus bringing me up-to-date.

As to "retirning rooms," especially at public facilities, it is interesting to note that in some parts of Europe (again, alas, I am out-of-date) have a tradition of restroom attendants who maintained them continuously and no doubt encouraged restraint of abuse. One was expected to tip, however (a pfenning or two, as I recall). This ensured a continuously-clean and cleaned facility.

Only the "oriental" toilets (in the Middle East and elsewhere), however, had water-faucets conveniently at hand (so to speak), if the facilities themselves were not always up-to-sniff.


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Shared toilet facilities are a major example of this. (Studies have shown, by the way, that co-ed facilities work best, as each sex tends to keep the facilities cleaner than those separated by sex, apparently because one sex
knows that the opposite sex might be the next person to use them.

I'm working on a historic theater proposal for renovation so this is good information as well as the looking nice info. The original had "retiring rooms" with leather chairs for men and white wicker for women.

My own surveys found that the better-designed, nice facilities suffered far less vandalism than "hardened" institutional-type designs. One movie-house
restroom that was paneled in high-quality cedar, had fresh flowers, and
vintage catalog pages over the toilet, suffered ZERO vandalism, despite the
very high level of usage and the broadest demographic.

We need to replace the toilets in our CH bathrooms. It's an issue that we have the institutional kind with the split seat and the chrome pipes on the back with no water tank. We don't have vandalism but we do have messes and failure to flush.

Does anyone know if the institutional type toilets are required?

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