Re: Designing for Women [was An article that might be ofinterest to some of you
From: KJ (
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 20:32:01 -0700 (PDT)

You may have misplaced your frustration on the wrong gender.  Many women, when 
using public restrooms, choose to "hover" to avoid touching the toilet seat.  
This method almost always gets urine on the seat, unless you have thighs of 
steel or are extremely careful.  My guess is that the urine you see is from 

I would like someone to engineer a toilet that allows woman the ability to 
"hover" without making a mess.  Wish we could pee standing up....


> ---------------------------
> i have noted a relatively recent development in uni-sex public facilities 
> that might turn on its head an old dispute in the war between the sexes, 
> leaving/returning the seat down. I have increasingly found urine on seats 
> that are down. While both sexes may bear some responsibility, I lay most of 
> the blame upon men who are too lazy or prissy to put the seat up before 
> urinating. The question then becomes, "Do I put the seat down for the 
> convenience of the ladies, or do I leave it up in case a male cretin of some 
> kind comes in next and pisses all over the seat. Do such matters lead to the 
> ". . . times that try men's souls" or are they just unresolvable Paine's in 
> the derriere?
> WT

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