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We have a similar situation here at Lupinwood in Greenfield.  We have  4 
buildings (a 20 room mansion, a 9 room carriage house, a 1 br above a separate 
 garage and a cottage by the pool.  There is an ideal possibility that a  
core working group could live/work/plan/implement the larger village.
see (   and 
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> I have had similar thoughts  about older hotels.  It would be easy to 
> a pair of single  rooms and convert one bath into a kitchen (all the 
> plumbing is  there).  Three rooms in a row would make a nice 2 bedroom 
>  unit.  Whatever common spaces, could of course continue to be common  
> spaces.

What are the purchasing requirements for doing this?  For probably 
illogical reasons, this seems like a huge investment upfront. But  then I 
think, if 
a group got together with this in mind, they could actually  move in right 
away and thus would not have 2-3 years of carrying costs before  move in. How 
long would the upfront period of saying "we want to buy this  hotel, give 
us a bit of time to get it together" be?

Each household  could stake out their rooms and live in them before 
renovating them or  renovate and then move in.  Or renovate the kitchen while 
living in the  bedrooms. AND wonder of all wonders, if there was already a 
restaurant on the  first floor, they could keep it in operation. O blessed day 
people who  live in cities and work 10 hour days, eating most of their 
meals in public  already.

Some rooms can be designated as common rooms. I use "common  rooms" 
purposely because it might be better to have separate rooms. Eastern  Village 
separate spaces in their renovated office building for different  purposes. 
They don't have one floor that is all the common  space.

Sharon Villines, Washington DC
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