Contact List Maintenance - How is it done - technically?
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 Waiting List Maintenance - How is it done?
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I posted a question about Waiting Lists (now we call it a Contact List and
made other changes thanks to advice received here). Thanks for the great
responses I received. A question that didn't get answered is:

**How does your community keep its waiting list?  Is it paper or online?
Automated or do individuals keep track of it "manually" (like on a personal

Here at Nubi, we use a paid online system, to keep it professional, using a
company fairly familiar to the general public (Constant Contact), automated
email removal/spam protection and "anonymous." When we were very busy with
startup and regularly sending out newsletters this seemed a good compromise.
Now that we want the list for notifying when units become available (rarely
for newsletter), we want to lower the cost to maintain.  We could just keep
a list on a personal computer and manually add/remove names (for instance a
Microsoft excel list)  but that has pros/cons.

What does your community do? How does it keep the list?


(I've posted some of the earlier responses below)

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