ATTENTION Former Coho/US Board Members
From: Richard L. Kohlhaas (
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 13:11:08 -0700 (PDT)
This is being posted at the request of Bill Hartzell, current president of The 
Association of the U.S. 


Hello CohoUS Board Emeriti:

I'm in the process of forming what I call the President's Circle. It would
consist of myself as sitting president of CohoUS and a half dozen or so
former CohoUS and/or Coho Network  board members. The Circle would "meet"
via conference call no more than three or four times a year.

If you are a veteran national Coho board member, I do hope you consider
this invitation. To be honest, it would be a great help to me to be able to
tap into your knowledge and wisdom. More importantly, your participation in
the President's Circle will help chart the way forward for CohoUS.

If you are an experienced board member who is willing and able to join the
President's Circle, please let me know via email. My email address is
president [at] When I know who is available to join us, I'll
begin development of the agenda and schedule for our first conference call.
My hope is to have that first call prior to the end of this year.

Thank you so much for considering my invitation.

Yours in community,

Bill Hartzell


Richard L. Kohlhaas
Resident of Casa Verde Commons, Colorado Springs, CO
Board Member, Cohousing Association of the United States

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