Re: "Neighborhood" Cohousing or "Retrofit" Cohousing
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Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 07:19:35 -0800 (PST)
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I really support Kevin's and the UK Cohousing Network's new suggested
term, Neighborhood Cohousing, for what has up-to-now been called
Retrofit Cohousing.

I believe "neighborhood" connotes many of the important values of
cohousing, such as "heart," "warmth," and "neighborliness," while
"retrofit" sounds only a construction process like "remodel." So I
really hope the term "Neighborhood Cohousing" catches on.

I had the pleasure of visiting N St. Cohousing several years ago, and
love that it demonstrates how people can create cohousing in
step-by-step ways in existing neighborhoods. And I'm delighted to know
the energy of neighborhood collaboration and connection is spreading,
as it is at N Street, by non-contiguous neighbors joining in.  This is
happening too at Songaia Cohousing in Washington State. Just what the
wider society needs -- on-the-ground real-life examples of cooperation
and collaboration among neighbors.

I also had the pleasure of speaking at a UK Cohousing Network
conference last May and meeting many UK cohousing activists there, and
also of visiting several cohousing communities in southern and
northern England, which was inspiring. I'm so glad the coho-L list is
becoming ever-more international, and what we're learning on one or
the other side of the pond -- as well as in both the northern or
southern hemispheres -- can be shared for our mutual benefit and

Diana Leafe Christian

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