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Another thing to consider is how you will sanitize it during use.  Most places 
use chlorine to disinfect the water; however, chlorine is a dangerous chemical, 
there is evidence that long-term, low-level exposure to chlorine can have 
health consequences.

Chlorine also has environmental consequences: When you drain your pool, the 
chlorine that is meant to keep your pool sterile is toxic to aquatic animals 
and plants in local waterways.

According to the EPA, chlorine can irritate the respiratory system, especially 
in individuals that already suffer from allergies and asthma. 

Scientists are beginning to suspect that chlorinated water contains chemical 
compounds that become carcinogenic when they interact with organic matter in a 
pool, such as leaves, according to British environmental landscape architect 
and natural swimming pool advocateMichael Littlewood.

Known alternatives to chlorine are:

1) hydrogen peroxide - particularly food based h2o2

2) moss- based products like Clean Water Solutions’ moss-based products, 
PoolNaturally and SpaNaturally.  

3) ozonaters- these ozonate the water, sanitizing it.

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> On Dec 8, 2013, at 5:35 PM, PatZy <pzboom [at]> wrote:
>> We are considering building a hot tub, which is very expensive when all the 
>> health department and ADA requirements are met (more than $50K).  My 
>> question, how much do the adults in your communities actually USE the 
>> community hot tub?
> In my opinion, not enough to justify the cost. HOWEVER, to those who do use 
> it, 4-5 people maybe, it is very important. Not having it would be a big loss 
> to them.
> And when we show prospective buyers around, they are very impressed. It's 
> like the workshop, they are very impressed. Also intrigued with the 
> possibilities they offer. Very few follow through but some do. 
> I would say no more than 5 use the workshop, either. But when they do, It is 
> for something important to them. We couldn't do without a workshop.
> My advice is to determine if any current members actually use a hot tub now. 
> Everyone wants one but ..... So far as I know the people who use it here are 
> people who had used them before they moved in.
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