Re: Cohousing Pioneers: Second Round
From: Bob Morrison (
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2013 05:12:14 -0800 (PST)
  This idea has an important point, one that I have rarely seen in ideas for 
founding new cohos. That is that retirees are a valuable resource for this. 
Gary cited two reasons for this: They have cumulative life skills that they can 
use to help make it happen, and they can move to a region that doesn't have a 
lot of good jobs. I would add another: time. Here at Mosaic Commons, many 
residents work over 45 hours a week, or over 50 if you include commuting time. 
But retirees have time, some of which they can use to pursue something like 
  Re Sharon's concern about people developing a coho from a distance: I 
interpreted Gary's post to mean that retired cohousers (and others) would sell 
their home, move to the Ozarks, and live in rental housing for a year or two 
while they found their new community. 

Bob Morrison
Mosaic Commons Cohousing
Berlin, MA

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