Re: Cozy cohousing home near downtown Sacramento
From: Moz (
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2014 18:50:37 -0800 (PST)
Muriel Kranowski said:
> I think that not having a website gives the impression that your
> community is closed to new people.

Very much so, especially to anyone under 40. We are, after all, living
in the 21st century. Not having a website has the implication that the
community is old and not technologically competent. You know all those
kids who look at a cellphone that's not a smartphone and go "what's
that?" Some of those kids are in their 30's now.

From experience, I'd also be very cautious about an established
community with no visible history. What exactly are they hiding, and
just how much effort will it take to discover whether they're merely
incompetent or actively evil? And do I want to join a community that
is either?

> Plan to look at it every few years so you can update if needed.

Five years sounds about right to me, and it's also about the half-life
of any website (viz, half of websites disappear after five years, and
half the content that's left is wrong). I've put together a site for a
planned community in about a day. It was basic but effective. Then
someone with more skill and enthusiasm took one look at it and built a
completely new, much better site in a weekend. Pasting in most of my
actual content, most of which I'd in turn pasted from existing promo
and planning documents :)

The simplest approach is just to paste big chunks of your wiki into
WordPress based on the structure used by some other coho site. It
doesn't have to be especially well structured once you get off the
three main pages (home/about/forsale).


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