Re: Cozy cohousing home near downtown Sacramento
From: Richard L. Kohlhaas (
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2014 14:36:39 -0800 (PST)
IMO, even more important than a website, to communities looking for new members 
and/or resales, is 
an up-to-date listing in the Directory section of

That is one of the first places that prospective cohousers, looking for a 
particular region, will 

Surprisingly, there are several communities with no listing at all, and there 
are many which have 
not been updated in years--which means that contact information is perhaps 

How is YOUR community's listing looking?

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> Of course no one is "required" to have a website...but it will definitely
> effect your resales. Southside Park is on of the older communities
> (completed in 1993) and built before we were so dependent on the web and
> email (hard to imagine how we even did it back in the day without
> email...remember phone trees?????)
> But I do think this issue points out one of the weak spot for
> cohousing...the community as a whole caring about resales. The cohousing
> resale process tends to be quite haphazard and few real estate agents
> understand how to sell cohousing. Communities talk a lot during the early
> process about wanting to control who joins, but really that is all about
> the effort and resources put toward that as a community, not just when you
> personally are ready to sell.
> One of the few communities that has done a great job on supporting the
> resale process is Pleasant Hill Cohousing in CA. They have a resell
> committee that works to serve both the Seller and the Buyer. I would urge
> communities to consider organizing a resale committee to work with
> Sellers, and in return asking sellers to give a percentage (1/2% or 1%)
> back to the community at closing, especially if you are able to sell
> without a paying a realtor (which would be 6%). That funding could go to
> things like hiring someone to do a good website, working up a flyer
> template that can be easily adapted for different homes, and keeping a
> database of people that have expressed interest over the years (also good
> when rentals come up).
> Katie 
> -- 
> Kathryn McCamant, President, Architect
> CoHousing Partners, LLC

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