Directory update procedure
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 13:40:06 -0800 (PST)
Warning this is an inside baseball type message (a useful term)
but I want to get some other opinions for this topic of wide
significance (IMHO).  Current info in the directory is a worthy goal.

Michael Barrett wrote:

>Having been the editor for Shadowlake Village for
>several years I was frustrated each time I would attempt to make an
>update, having to laboriously relearn each time, substantially by
>experiment, how to gain access.

Agreed.  There are couple factors.  1) it is something one does not do
very often so it is hard to remember the details.  2) closely related is
that the usual username / password would not be remembered.  Using the
coded URL in a reminder is the currently easy way to get to the update.

That's why I wrote:

>In case you want to search your inbox for an update reminder (i.e. you
>think you are and editor) The subject line of such a message
>starts "Update your listing..."
>and comes from "FIC Online Directory"     (may be truncated in your index)
>It contains a direct link to the web pages to do the update.
>I do not see an easy way for a registered editor to get directly to
>the update page from a community's directory page. (I do not think
>they do not have a username/password system for editors.)

This works if you are a registered editor and keep lots of (too many?)
messages in your inbox (or other searchable location).

I would like for the list of current editors become links to send a
new reminder with a link to the update page.  If one thought this would
generate too many clicks from 3rd parties to the editor, one could
ask for the editor to enter their address which only if it matched the
registered address would a reminder be sent.

If the updagte page for a given community is unchanging (I suspect it
is) then editors could be urged (upon registering and in update
reminder email) to bookmark the update page.

I have not recently looked at the procedure for becoming an editor ...
I do not know how well it works.


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