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From: Catya Belfer (
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 13:48:45 -0800 (PST)
Happy to do the cross-referencing on the new signup form :)  Anyone want to
volunteer to rewrite that page?  Or any other page that you find useful on
the existing site but you think needs to be updated?

     - cat

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On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 1:29 PM, Fred H Olson <fholson [at]> 

> Hi Catya,
> On 14 Jan 2014 Catya Belfer wrote on Cohousing-L refering to
> Cohousing-L :
> >I'm happy to give it more visibility on the new website :)   It's tricky
> >because we also want people to sign up for cohousing now and other
> >mailings, and it's confusing if there's more than one thing to sign up
> for.
> > Maybe we can figure out a technical integration so that people who sign
> up
> >for coho/us mailings can also check a box to be added to cohousing-l or
> >something.
> >
> >Catya Belfer   -
> >Technical Director   -
> >Cohousing in MA -
> While an integrated subscription page might be nice, a simpler approach
> would be some mutual cross references
> The Cohousing-L Info Page
> ( )
> has long had a note like the one below (tho today as part of a long overdue
> rework of the Info Page I finally changed references to "magazine" to
> "sends
> email...")
>  Subscribing to Cohousing-L
>  Note that the Coho/US sends email seperately from Cohousing-L
>  ( as of 2014, 3 types: Newsletter , mailings from Communities ,
>  from Cohousing Professionals). Use totally separate subscription
>  page: [link:] Coho/US Mailings ( )
> I note that the the Coho/US Mailings page has a green box that says:
>  CohoUS encourages you to add your name to our database of people
>  interested in Cohousing.  Check the boxes below and we'll connect you
>  with forming groups, cohousing professionals and the latest
>  developments in the Cohousing movement. You may unsubscribe at any
>  time and your information will never be used other than to send you
>  the type of information you request below.
> I suggest adding a note / link something like:
> Note that the Cohousing-L discussion mailing list about all aspects of
> cohousing uses a completely seperate subscription, see Cohousing-L Info
> Page
> ( )
> Also / alternately there could be something brief line parallel the 3 kinds
> of Coho/US mailings check boxes like:
> * Cohousing-L discussion (see [link] )
> A brief link on the Coho/US contact page to the Cohousing-L Info Page
> would be helpful.
> BTW the page which has been
> around
> quite a while could use a rewrite.  In particular I think the warnings
> that posting to Cohousing-L are not vetted is repeative, maybe over the
> top,
> paranoid or self serving.
> --S a couple other subscription notes --
> I corresponded off list with Martie who the original "Please add
> me to the list" message was about and hopefully resolved her problem.
> Feel free to write me if you have a Cohousing-L problem.  The bottom
> of every message has a link that will get you to me via Info pages etc..
> Any decent mailing list should have similar list help info at the end
> of each message it sends.
> I added an FAQ entry about recent Gmail problems that complicate
> subscribing to Cohousing-L (dont know about if it affects Coho/US
> subscribing) :
> Fred
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