Re: Community wide Wifi
From: Lynn Nadeau / Maraiah (
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 09:00:25 -0800 (PST)
RoseWind Cohousing, Port Townsend WA. 
Many in our community are aware that wireless signals may well impact our human 
bodies, and several were  thus resistant to our getting Wifi in our common 
house. However, they acquiesced when it was pointed out that the common house 
(like most of our houses) already is receiving signals (albeit "locked" from 
computer use) from about 7 nearby Wifi receivers in other homes. We're bathed 
in it. Wifi, cell phones, radio, and so forth. This doesn't mean it's not a 
health impact, but if, like us, you are already "in it", having an accessible 
channel added doesn't necessarily increase exposure. Just an angle to consider. 

Maraiah Lynn Nadeau

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