Re: Community wide Wifi
From: Philip Dowds (
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 10:25:54 -0800 (PST)
Everyone knows there is on-going controversy about the health impacts (or lack 
thereof) of electromagnetic radiation fields.  Since I am only an architect, I 
am not qualified to offer an opinion of my own.  However, given that we — as 
in, all of us — are already engulfed, overwhelmed, and saturated by the EMFs of 
microwave ovens, computers, cell phones, bluetooth, power lines, and medical 
MRIs — not to mention (yikes!) daylight, or (god forbid!) an actual 
old-fashioned "ionizing" X-ray at the dentist's office — I'm having a hard time 
picturing how a little more from the wifi will noticeably degrade my health.

Philip Dowds

> On Jan 27, 2014, at 1:06 PM, Jerry McIntire <jerry.mcintire [at]> 
> wrote:
> We don't use wifi in our house because we are following the precautionary
> principle, and hardwire connections are faster.
> Jerry
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