Great Opportunity for Wanna-be Formative Groups
From: Thomas Lofft (
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 15:29:19 -0800 (PST)
Is your group still debating how or where to best start a new cohousing 


Are some of your members also debating selling their homes now or later while 
others are ready to move in or debating how to create a rental unit, or 
considering moving to an established community?


I suggest you consider moving as a group to become settlers in a well 
established community that has already jumped all the hurdles of formation, 
stabilized its environmentally sensitive property, established a tradition of 
operating by consensus without irreconcilable conflict, and offers an operating 
common house and community meals plus immediate opportunities for households to 
buy a home, possibly create rentals or build 10 or more new homes. 


Liberty Village may not be the only established cohousing community with 
readily available opportunities for purchase, rental, or new homes, but we are 
certainly very supportive of newcomers and responsive to your inquiries, 
whether single households or larger groups.


Please check us out at our website:


or find us also at:


or check out our profile at: 



I also invite other established communities with multiple new home 
opportunities available to join this topic for discussion on the merits of 
homesteading as settlers vs. breaking new ground.


Tom Lofft

Founding Partner, Liberty Village, MD (one of 23)

Director, Mid Atlantic Cohousing, Inc. (501-c-3) (one of 5)

always inviting more participation


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