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Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2014 08:17:58 -0800 (PST)
Hi, Shari-
Most dual-pane windows have a heat-resistant "Low-E" coating on the outside
glass that improves their ability to insulate.  This coating is typically a
thin metal film.
Our houses were constructed with wall and ceiling insulation that has a
"radiant barrier" - really just a fancy name for a layer of foil - on the
outside.  This reflects some of the outside heat back outside.
These things are great for HVAC: we get brutally hot in summer here in
Fresno, so this really helps with keeping our units cool even when it's 115
outside (and 130 on the roof).
But it means the outside of our units are essentially wrapped up tight in
metal foil.  Like a Faraday cage, this attenuates electromagnetic radiation
(except extreme short-wave stuff - no hiding from cosmic rays - hooray for
the ozone layer!).

Kind of like wearing aluminum foil under your baseball cap to keep the
Mother Ship from reading your thoughts. ;-)

So I guess one solution if you're overly concerned about the possible
detrimental health effects of environmental EMR would be to move into one
of our units - as long as you don't bring any EMF-generating devices inside
with you.

La Querencia Fresno Cohousing

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What do you mean by coated windows and radiant barriers?

Thank you-

Shari Hirst

Sand River Cohousing

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