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Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 06:58:59 -0800 (PST)
It is a lot easier to do a cohousing appraisal in a city where there have
been other new condominiums built. It particularly challenging in more
suburban and rural areas where there are no nice new condominiums, and
anything attached was built cheap and is consider quite inferior. We
rarely had issues with appraisals at Doyle Street Cohousing, but up here
in the Sierra Foothills it can be a real challenge, and then there was the
appraiser for the Senior Stillwater Oklahoma commmunity who really had to
work hard to try to make any sense of it, since there  was nothing like it
in the State. It really helps if you can educate your local appraisers.

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>Yes, it does, thank you. - h
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>On Feb 1, 2014, at 2:53 PM, S. Kashdan wrote:
>> Hi Holly,
>> In the twelve years we have lived here, no one has been charged extra
>>for an 
>> appraisal at Jackson Place Cohousing, in Seattle. Our homes basically
>> for market value. The comparison is to other condominium homes in the
>> neighborhood, not to other cohousing communities, even though there are
>> several in our area (but not in our specific neighborhood). Some other
>> condominiums in this neighborhood have more shared amenities than we
>> and some have less. None are actual functioning communities of
>> other than ours. But, being a cohousing community is not part of the
>> property as such. We are legally defined as a condominium, and that is
>> our homes are appraised.
>> I hope this helps a little.
>> Cohousingly,
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>> I meant that the appraiser wants to tack on an additional fee for his
>> services based on the fact that it's in a cohousing community.  We all
>> there is greater value, I just don't think the appraisal should cost
>> Anyone have to pay extra for that when they purchased?
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