Climate resolutions for precinct caucuses
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>From a vigil to precinct caucuses, the beat goes on.

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Subject: Please present a resolution about climate and energy at your
precinct caucus!
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*Are you planning to attend a precinct caucus this Tuesday evening February
4th? *  I hope you'll make a point of attending so that you can present a
resolution there calling for action on climate change.

At precinct caucus sessions  *you're actually invited to appeal to the
other attendees to support action on issues you care about *, during the
consideration of "resolutions".  So, caucuses are a great opportunity to
share your concern about climate change and to appeal to others to support
action on climate to protect our kids and grandkids.

You can * find where your precinct caucus location is * for the Democrat,
Republican or Independence party at
For the Democrat and Republican parties, there will be close-to-home caucus
sessions in communities all across the state.

The *attached file shows four model resolutions * from which you can choose
one or more to present at your precinct caucus.   To present a resolution
in the best way, you can use the resolution forms provided by the parties:
  Democrat resolution form which is a "fillable pdf"
and Republican resolution form

Even if your resolution doesn't get a majority of votes from the set of
people in your caucus session, you can still build the movement by letting
your fellow caucus attendees know that climate change is an issue you care
deeply about, and by inviting the people who do support your resolution to
get involved in MN350.

If you've never been to a precinct caucus before, it might be helpful to
watch this  5 minute video
what happens at caucus sessions.  The video is from the DFL, but the
processes at caucuses for other parties are at least somewhat similar to
what the video shows.

After precinct caucuses, resolutions that are approved at caucuses advance
to the party conventions for possible inclusion into state-wide party
platforms.  To help us inform people about the Alberta Clipper issue and
other issues at District conventions in March, it will be very helpful if
 you *let us know what happened when you presented your resolution *.
So please record what happens at your precinct caucus session using this report

Thanks in advance for presenting a resolution about climate at your
precinct caucus session!   If you have any questions about the model
resolutions or about the caucus process, please send a reply to this note.


Chuck Prentice
For the MN350 Leadership Team

Here's how to find info about caucuses for the Independence Party, the
Libertarian Party and the Green Party:

   - Independence Party - Besides "in person" caucus sessions at a limited
   number of locations shown at the Secretary of State website shown above,
   the IP will have an on-line
   will be open from 2/4 thru 2/18.
   - Libertarian caucus
   - Green Party caucus

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