Community wide Wifi
From: Thomas Lofft (
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 08:46:29 -0800 (PST)
Does Mosaic Commons also use cable internet service provider?


If so, I presume that you have individual ISP routers inside each home?


Can that router provide access outside the home as well?


I ask because at Liberty Village, MD we have predominantly Cable TV, landline 
phones & Wi-fi, although Verizon may also be available. The homes are well 
insulated, 6" fiberglass in 2 x 6 framed walls, but not foil sheathed.  A 
wireless router here may be accessed from neighbors' homes up to 500'.  Some 
duplexes only contract for one service and work from the single router,


Can Smartphones link via the wi-fi server inside the homes?


Just seeking knowledge. I do like the idea of achieving better energy 
containment and reflection through foil sheathing.




Tom Lofft

Liberty Village, MD

Diana Carroll dianaecarroll [at] wrote:
Subject: Re: [C-L]_ Community wide Wifi
Yes, the cell phone issue here at Mosaic bob mentions is real and I
reluctantly agree with him though in general I LOVE our super insulated
On Tuesday, February 4, 2014, Bob Morrison <rhmorrison [at]> wrote:
> I think forming groups should think twice about having a foil barrier in
> the insulation in their outside walls and roof. I think it would be worth
> having slightly less effective insulation in trade for being able to
> reliably use cell phones inside you unit (and common house). 20 years ago
> this was much less of an issue. The only radio signals you needed to send
> and receive inside your home were broadcast radio. Today it's a different
> story.
> Here at Mosaic Commons, our cell phones work outside our units but not
> inside, due to the "Faraday cage" effect. Many households here use a cell
> phone as their only phone and even if they have a land line, not being able
> to reliably use a cell phone inside is a major pain.
> Bob Morrison
> Mosaic Commons Cohousing
> Berlin, MA


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