Re: divorce in cohousing
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Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 00:42:05 -0800 (PST)
I assume the person in Ashland cohousing who is no longer a member of the 
community  as a result of a divorce would no longer be an owner of the unit 
otherwise it seems like legally they would retain their right to decision 
making and the like.  Regine Wilson, Nevada City cohousing

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wow! at five years old I feel our community is too young to have a strong 

but we've had two divorces where all parties still own homes here, and live 
here, and as we head into a third divorce in process many people are working 
hard to help one member to find a rental so they can stay.

I don't know if we are setting ourselves up for more challenges (we've 
certainly had some) but I also can't imagine telling the parent of a child 
living here that the parent can't be a member.

(The Rev.) Elizabeth M. Magill
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> At times I’ve read on this list serve how stressful break-ups/divorces have 
> been on communities. 
> In our community, we are considering the following proposal: 
> When a couple breaks up, the person who moves out of the community is 
> automatically no longer a member of the community. 
> This means he/she cannot be an off-site member, a category which exist for 
> some communities.
> This would be the default situation. Exceptions could be considered. If after 
> one year the member who moved out wants to re-join, the group could choose to 
> consider this - or not.
> The intention behind this is to insulate the community (to some extent) from 
> the common challenges, stress, and tensions which usually accompany 
> break-ups, and would likely be heightened if both parties remain formally 
> involved in community activities. 
> We are wondering what others in communities think, and if there are similar 
> or related policies regarding break-ups elsewhere in cohousing. 
> Thanks for your comments in advance.
> Doug Huston - Ashland (Oregon) Cohousing Community 
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