Associate Membership Policies
From: Susan Hyne (
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2014 13:06:38 -0800 (PST)
Two years ago, CoHo Ecovillage (Corvallis, Oregon) revamped its Friends of
CoHo program and developed a new Associate Member program (with helpful
input from several communities via this email list).

We developed an affiliates policy, affiliates guidelines, and CoHo
membership guidelines (basically a color-coded spreadsheet listing
membership steps, rights, and responsibilities for all categories).  Email
me to request these files (susanhyne [at]

These materials were developed working closely with our "closest" Friend of
CoHo household who became our first Associate Member household in the new
program.  Despite our well-intentioned "outreach efforts," we learned it
was difficult to "reach in" to the community and get connected in a
meaningful way and it was unclear what Friends could/could not do at CoHo.
Thus, our policy and guidelines were designed to help us be more welcoming
AND to provide clarity.

We also wrote a blog posting on ways to connect with the community

and updated the Membership section on our website (
so information was more widely available.

Generally, our affiliates are active members of our community and the
process seems to be working well.
Susan Hyne

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