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I am responding as someone who is seeking to move to a co housing
community in the next few years. I monitor the national co housing
site advertisements, the websites of specific communities and this
website. This website teaches me a great deal about challenges and
governance.  As I want to retire to a co housing community I watch the
communities focused on aging in place, and this includes multi
generational communities who include this in their vision and
language.  I am seeking a community to be active in both the community
and the city it is in. I have been looking and reading about co
housing for 15 years and have met with groups locally who start up
looking at co housing and disband as they discover it is not for them.
I am also in communication with several communities who are in start
up mode in this region. I also am watching some communities that are
older and are technically not co housing but have many of the
characteristics. I have found these in discussions with others over
the years.

I find that websites that are not updated tell me things about the
community and how they portray themselves to the outside world and
some things about how they communicate with their members.

There is not a co housing community where I live but there are some in
other parts of my state. I am planning on visiting some communities
this summer in this region.

Blessings, Jan Kenney

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