Re: What SHOULD I be worried about?
From: Kathryn McCamant (
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 14:13:01 -0700 (PDT)
California Regs do not require any initial funding of the reserve fund.
When people close on their homes and start paying HOA dues, they start
setting aside a portion of those funds for the long term maintainence
reserves. Development budgets are so tight these days, I would hesistate
to add reserve funding out of the development budget.  But, I wholely
agree about the importance of having realistic reserve set asides as part
of your HOA dues from the very beginning, with renewed reserve studies
done regularly-- California regs require at least every 3 years.


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On 6/20/14 1:59 PM, "Sharon Villines" <sharon [at]> wrote:

>On Jun 20, 2014, at 4:41 PM, David Heimann <heimann [at]> wrote:
>>      Another thing to make sure about is having strong reserve funds for
>>eventually replacing major property items such as the roof, heating and
>>hot water, kitchen equipment, walkways, asphalts, siding, etc.  This
>>includes strongly funding the reserves to begin with (even though it may
>>make for higher unit prices) and strongly replenishing the reserves each
>>year (even though it may make for higher condo fees).
>To add to what David said, keep track of how much things cost. This will
>be the foundation of the reserve study. The study will be based on Cost /
>UsefulYears * projected construction inflation - expected earnings on
>savings = amounts to be saved each year for that item.
>Some companies add all the yearly cost of all items and do projections
>based on that total. Others do projections on each item. I'm not sure it
>makes a difference. The shorter lived items will appear several times in
>a 50-100 year projection.
>The developer should build into the budget a deposit to start the reserve
>fund. I don't know what percentage of the construction costs this should
>be. Does anyone? Do the California Condo regs say anything about this?
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