Re: Seeking Rural/Ag Cohousing Communities
From: Richart Keller (
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 17:42:15 -0700 (PDT)
You mean the "gentleman" farms like Nubanusit in Peterborough NH?

It would be interesting to distinguish those from the more normal "white
middle class" people ones...

Also there are probably a lot of suburban communities like ours which have
substantial community gardens and raise egg and meat chickens and have
close ties to CSAs in the neighborhood.  We place a high value on local


Rick Keller
Pioneer Valley Cohousing
Amherst, MA
 On Jun 27, 2014 8:23 PM, "Bill Hartzell" <wahartzell [at]> wrote:

> I am looking to identify and connect with cohousing communities that
> identify themselves as rural, but additionally those who include
> agricultural activities as an important part of their identity. My hope is
> to create a network within the cohousing movement where members of such
> rural coho communities can share their experiences with each other, support
> one another, as well as to mentor those who are interested in using the
> cohousing model in such a setting in the future.
>  For example my community, Hundredfold Farm, is located in very rural
> south-central PA. We collectively own 80 acres of which three acres has
> been set aside for our housing cluster, 50-ish acres are forested and the
> remaining acreage is used for commercial agricultural production.
>  Additionally, I intend to host a gathering during the 2015 National
> Cohousing Conference in Durham, NC where rural/ag coho folk will have an
> opportunity to make new friends, share of our ourselves and celebrate.
>  Support
> and assistance with this endeavor would be welcomed and appreciated. In the
> meantime, you can keep up on conference developments at
> I would like to begin our conversation soon, so please raise your hand
> identifying yourself as a rural/ag cohousing community by responding to
> this post and/or emailing me at president [at]
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