Subject: Re: Marketing efforts that worked well?
From: Carolyn Dyer (
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 12:46:11 -0700 (PDT)
Re: AnnZabaldo's comments.

Good point about the web address for Iowa City Cohousing. It's  http:
\\  <http://\\> Our website has
brought us people from out-of-state, and it serves a community-building
function for current members as well as those with a continuing interest in
becoming members at some point.

We have about one-third of the number of needed members and plan to begin
construction when we have half the number needed.  We have quite a number
waiting in the wings for prices and floor plans, and we are working on them
now. Now is the appropriate time for a planning and zoning review and city
council vote.

We think NPR is a good investment for us.  Besides the members who have
first learned about us on the radio, we are becoming more and more well
known in town, and that stimulates word-of-mouth referrals and eases our
way into banks, city departments, contractors, etc. which is  important
because Iowa City Cohousing is the first cohousing community in the state.
The NPR announcements and the recognition it generates provides
opportunities for us to talk about cohousing on a one-to-one basis.  These
announcements have also stimulated interest in the news media which have
covered us quite well. We have done NPR announcements only a few times and
then in conjunction with a blitz of other forms of marketing highlighting
particular meetings at opportune times and including our URL for general

We have a facebook page. We have a system of responding to emails and
inquiries that works well, and we follow up with email messages after a new
person attends one of our meetings.

Our site is spectacular, with long views of the part of the city and the
Iowa countryside in 3 directions, and we offer tours of the site to anyone
at any time.
Carolyn Dyer
Iowa City Cohousing, developer of Prairie Hill Cohousing Community
iowacitycohousing [at]

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